I haven’t had female friends in a while. Like, a while a while. I’ve been living a fairly isolated life which is now expanding out into the world. I have several good male friends but now, for the first time in a long time, I have a good female friend. The intimacy and joy is magical. I am vulnerable, I am known. And that, after all, is what all of us are searching for.

We have raised little girls for so long to wait for their Prince Charming to complete them, but women hold a special place that men cannot. For so long, we have encouraged competition and division. Why? Because there is so much power in solidarity. So much power in vulnerability and intimacy and affection among women. To not isolate ourselves in marriage to the exclusion of female friendship is powerful and dangerous.

She is not Prince Charming. She is a fellow Princess. And I am so lucky to have her. And she me. If Prince Charming rides by we’ll probably ask him to come back after we’re done talking. Or maybe not at all. Because we are enough.