So this is love, mmm 
So this is love 
So this is what makes life divine 
I’m all aglow, mmm 
And now I know (and now I know) 
The key to all heaven is mine My heart has wings, mmm 
And I can fly 
I’ll touch every star in the sky 
So this is the miracle 
That I’ve been dreaming of 
Mmm, mmm 
So this is love

The Third Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy is always increasing. That means the world tends toward chaos and you have to apply energy to the system to straighten it back out. The way my chemistry explained it is this: your house is always getting messy unless you intervene and clean it up.

Chaos runs counter to flow. This is why, for instance, a cluttered and messy room has a negative effect on our mood and a clean and tidy room feels good. It’s why it’s so important to give kids a consistent routine. It’s why part of healing from addiction and mental health problems and abuse involves calming down the drama. It’s why narcissists love causing chaos.

Creativity consists of taking something seemingly chaotic and making sense of it. So, sometimes we induce a little chaos in the creative process. And that’s okay. In the end, we are reducing the level of entropy in the system.

Trauma is chaos and requires a helluva lotta energy to be applied to return the system to balance.

The Judeo-Christian story of Adam and Eve (as well as the similar versions of it we see cross culturally) about the Fall of Man, is about the introduction of chaos into the world. The garden of Eden was perfect. It was in perfect balance, perfect flow, perfect order. The Laws of Thermodynamics were not necessary. Adam and Eve couldn’t even conceive of entropy. Until they ate that damn apple. Boom. Cosmic chaos. Before that, they were in a state of perfect harmony with God, a constant state of being in the flow.

This onset of chaos and disconnection from flow was the Original Sin. And that is what all sin is: separation from the flow due to induction of chaos. It can come both from causing chaos but also from failing to apply the necessary energy to the system or blocking someone else from doing so. It disconnects both the person committing the act and anyone it ends up affecting.

Disconnection from flow is not only the effect of sin, it is also the cause. Entropy is always increasing. It is easy, therefore, for individuals and larger groups to get into a downward spiral of separation from flow. When we speak of an individual hitting rock bottom, it is often the only way to break this spiral and gain the strength to rally and begin to apply the massive energy needed at that point to return order. Luckily, there is also an upward spiral. With each act drawing us closer to the flow we receive greater strength and hunger for flow.

We see this not only in choices people make, such as battling addiction or all the other self destructive things we do as humans. We also see it in medicine when restoring homeostasis to the body. An upward spiral is always my goal in treating patients. Energy must be applied to keep the upward movement going but it gets easier over time unless another strong element of chaos is introduced again (which is of course common).

For instance, a patient with autoimmune disorders commonly develop severe fatigue and pain. This leads to them being less physically active, doing less of the things they love, getting out less, seeing other people less. All of this then contributes to a greater likelihood of relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms, depression, negative thoughts, and disconnection and loneliness, a sense of isolation. They also often have negative, traumatic experiences with the medical community and others. You’ve now got a whole new set of problems. Once you are able to start effectively treating the body and reduce the core symptoms, you can then reverse the spiral and begin to work on the other effects.

This brings us, naturally, to the topic of Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters 2 specifically. Remember that one? In it, negative energy has created a river of pink slime under the city of New York powered by negative emotions. It threatens to ruin New York. The answer? They must get New Yorkers to stop being angry and come together in love. (to accomplish this they animate the Statue of Liberty to walk through the city and everyone holds hands and sings along to the song they’re blasting from loud speakers “Put a Little Love in Your heart. It works).

That’s what we need now. Our country has spun out into such a state of entropy and separation from flow, only a massive amount of energy in the form of love will save us. Not, in the words of Martin Luther King, “a sentimental something that we talk about… not merely an emotional something.” The love that is flow. The oneness that we are all connected by. The all encompassing perfect love so many of us don’t feel we deserve, that so many are afraid of, that so many of us violently reject. The ultimate vulnerability, the ultimate act of bravery for so many us who have fallen away from the flow.

We are all born so completely in touch with the flow. It comes from the womb. From our mother’s womb, from Mother Earth too. The power the earth holds, then, is the ultimate power. And this is why Sir Francis Bacon decided he needed to take her in hand and conquer her. And this is why patriarchy takes women in hand to conquer us. And why imperialists and racists take people of color in hand. So great is their fear of their mother’s love, of their need for it, of the fact they feel they will never have it.

There is a reason we joke about therapy and the phrase “Tell me about your mother.” Violent men almost universally feel, true or not, unloved by their mothers. This is true too on a global, historic scale. They seek to conquer and destroy the womb. The source of life, the source of flow.

Can we accept the love our mother has for us? Can we wrap our arms around one another before it’s too late? Step on the serpent’s head once and for all and come home?