Tears and the ocean both being salt water is not

an accident.

Tears met with comfort release our pain


connect us to one another.

For a moment we are weightless,

surrounded by the warm salty water of the Womb.


Beneath the surface, the sounds fall away

(There is only Her heartbeat)

The salt stings our eyes and we must close them now

and wipe away the salt water.

Emerging from the warmth into

the bright light of the Sun,

the cool air moving past us,

the noise of ordinary life around us.

(the tears dry,

their molecules moving into the air, into the sky, to the clouds

to be returned again to the rain, to the ocean)

We are renewed now.


Returned a little closer to who we were

before we left the safety of the ocean we all began in.

And knowing this is one to which we can return