for the other shoe to drop, to drop and disappear


for the dust to settle, to see if you’re still here

is it still you or someone else

someone with fangs and claws

someone from the darkness

see that’s why I need this pause

the earth and the wind and the water and the fire

spinning round and round and round

down the hill arms crossed hitting bumps, rocky ground

and once I hit one of those rocks just right


it knocked the wind out of me

and I was so scared that I might

never breathe again, might die right there and then

might have already had my last breath

but didn’t know it when

I drew it because I hadn’t hit that rock

and I never saw it coming

tumbling down the hill so innocently humming

the songs that go round and round your head

when you’re young and stupid and

sleeping in your twin bed with

your Kurt Cobain poster on the ceiling above

on the phone til 1 AM because

you’re so fucking in love

the way you love

when you’re young and stupid and

don’t see the rocks coming

the ones that will knock the wind right out of you

as the end of innocence comes running

to take away

your naivete

go head and pray

it’s end of day

now you’ll find your way

in this brand new play

whose lines you don’t yet know

a different kind of show

all the other players, though,

seem to know which way to go

and so you follow along

mouthing the words to the songs

Mama said don’t watch the other girls dancing

don’t copy them

You know the dance

So, dance

the way mama taught you

But those days are over


you’re standing on a a new kind of stage

you can look but there’s no lines on the page

it’s a brave new world you’re making up as you go

now on with the show